Trail Group

Trail Group

Improving Lives, Enhancing Communities

Established in 2004, Trail Group works as a trusted and flexible partner to housing providers to deliver a range of innovative fire safety and building services that enhance communities and keep people safe.

Fire Protection

We have a dedicated team of highly trained fire safety engineers who assess, design, install, test and maintain both passive and active fire protection solutions in occupied buildings nationwide.

Passive fire safety

Trail Group was the highest scoring service provider on the Planned Maintenance Framework for Passive Fire Safety Works.

This means that housing providers can award contracts to us directly and without the need for further tendering, to further simplify and speed up procurement.

We can assist with:

  • Fire compliance – risk management and condition surveys
  • Fire doors – installation, remediation and inspections
  • Fire stopping and compartmentation
  • Fire curtains
  • Roller shutters
  • Cavity barriers
  • Fire coatings
  • Fire safety training – for subcontractors and our customers.

Making Built Environments Better for Everyone

Trail Group’s services for housing providers also include:

  • Active fire protection – fire alarms and fire suppression systems
  • Security alarm systems
  • Electrical and lighting installations, testing and maintenance
  • Building refurbishments, extensions and upgrades.

Our focus is on building safety and compliance at every stage to help property managers, social landlords and housing operators reduce risk, ensure compliance in a changing legislative environment, and improve housing assets.

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