cookie policy

When a visitor browsers to the M3 website for the first time, the website automatically instructs the browser to store some data, called cookies, on the visitor’s machine.

We set and use some of the data to uniquely identify the visitor for a period so we can save visitor specific information on our server, such as the items in their basket.

The rest of the data is set and used by the services we use to enhance the website: Google Analytics and Add This. For more information on cookies, visit Wikipedia’s Cookie Page.

Below are different types of cookies that are set by this website. For more information on any type of cookie, simply click the name to see more.

session cookies

These are set automatically by the software we use, ColdFusion and FarCry, so that they can uniquely identify a user for a short period. We use this to store temporary information on the server, such as the items in their basket.

The following are the cookies set this way:

  • CFID

optional cookies

These cookies are only set after explicit actions by a user. The first two are login cookies, used to remember a user if they ask to be remembered. This allows the website to recognise a user without the need for the user to login again. The third cookie is set when a user hides the cookie notification, so that the notification is hidden on subsequent visits to the website.

The following cookies are used this way:

  • hidem3hcookiebar

google analytics cookies

We use Google Analytics to gather statistics about the visitors to our website. We use these statistics to aid us in maintaining and improving the website.

For more information about the cookies set by Google Analytics, please view their Privacy Policy.

add this cookies

We use the social networking widget, Add This, to allow a user to quickly add us to various social networks.

For more information about cookies set by Add This, please view their Privacy Policy.