The term “Associate” is used to denote organisations that are not Members of NPC (either because they are not contracting authorities, and therefore ineligible to become Members, or because they are licence holders of other M3NHF Schedule of Rates module products including Facility Management who do not qualify by not being a licence – holder of one or more of the three products indicated above in order to be a ‘Member’

In order to use one of the Frameworx frameworks an Associate must first sign an Authorising Agreement.


For subsequent frameworks a list of categories of contracting authority that can use those frameworks will be included in the FTS notices. This enables contracting authorities that become Members or “Associates” after the date of these FTS notices to use these frameworks.

It is not necessary for an organisation to be a contracting authority to use Frameworx. Procurements for organisations that are not contracting authorities is not regulated by PCR 2015. However, as set out above, before being permitted to use the frameworks, these organisations must first sign an Authorising Agreement and therefore become an “Associate”.