Accuro Environmental Limited

Accuro Environmental Limited

Accuro Environmental is part of the Guildhouse group of companies. Following the success of Accuro FM & Catering, the Environmental business was created in 2011 to deliver cleaning, grounds maintenance, arboriculture, street cleaning and waste management to the local authority and housing sectors.

Our goal is to enable our clients to add value to their own business, assets and reputation. We do this through the creation of a first-class, vibrant and motivated workforce who shares our vision for pride and expertise.

Our people are trained to understand not just the task in hand, but your business and the impact of their work and presence. They share the same desire for a safe, clean and rewarding environment.

At Accuro, we welcome the local workforce as engaged employees who value quality, well serviced equipment, good management and thoughtful but effective working patterns. With these essential parameters in place, we have a winning combination that benefits you, your customers and the environment we all enjoy.

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